18 Month Communication Milestones

Jun 01, 2023

Communication Milestones for 18 months

In this blog we will be unpacking the communication milestones for an 18 month old child. You might be wondering, is my child on track for communication? What should I expect them to be able to do? And what are some specific strategies to support?

You have come to the right place to find this out.


  • Say at least 10 words
  • Point to wanted objects
  • Imitate a word after your model
  • Recognises names of familiar people and objects
  • Follow simple directions, such as “Go get the ball.”
  • Identify a few body parts

Remember, milestones are an indication of what most (approx 90%) children can do at a given age. All children are different in their development and this can alter. However, the above outline should give you a rough idea to gauge their speech and language development. From this you can determine if they need more support or are on track. Early intervention is so effective which is why it is important to stay aware of milestones through childhood.

If you would like to know milestones in more depth, then download our FREE Communication Milestone Checklist!

What can you do to assist your child to talk?

Some helpful strategies to develop communicate include:

  1. Model Model Model - model the same words continuously, across different contexts and environments. By having the repetition, your child will retain the words more.
  2. Get face to face when modelling. This assists your child to see mouth movements for speech and keeps them engaged.
  3. Replace questions with comments: talk about what you’re doing by using statements. Rather than asking, “Are you hungry? Do you want an apple?” say, “It’s time for a snack! Let’s eat an apple!”
  4. Follow their lead in play. By following their lead you know they are motivated by the activity. When they are motivated, they are engaged, and will pick up more language which is modelled.


If you feel your child isn't meeting their communication milestones, I advise to act now rather than waiting. Check in with your paediatrician or contact a local Speech Pathologist for an assessment. From this, you will be able to determine if they are on track or need some extra support. Early intervention is key!

Check your child's milestones

Download our FREE communication milestone checklist.