A parent or caregiver is the most influential and important person in a child's life.


Just because a child cant talk, doesn't mean they have nothing to say.


Complicated bodies can hold clever minds.


My name is Hermione, the passionate Speech Pathologist and the heart behind House of Speech. I want to take you on a journey into the world of the House of Speech, where children's voices are nurtured, parents are empowered, and communication flourishes. 


Our journey began with a profound belief: Parents are the linchpin in a child's developmental journey. We embarked on a mission to provide tailored intervention services to children while arming parents with the tools they need to fast-track their child's therapy journey. 

I firmly believe that all parents should have access to high-quality, evidence-based strategies to use with their children at home. After all, parents and caregivers are the most important people in children's development.

Why I Stand by House of Speech

Allow me to share my "why." It's a simple but powerful motivation. I've worked closely with countless families facing a myriad of communication challenges. In every interaction, what stood out was the hunger for credible, evidence-based resources. It's not just about giving parents information; it's about giving them the knowledge and confidence to be their child's greatest advocate

I've seen parents become overwhelmed with the avalanche of information that a single Google search can unleash. That's why House of Speech was born – to offer a one-stop-shop for parents to become confident in building their child's communication skills. And the best part? It can all be seamlessly woven into your daily routines.

Evidence-Based Strategies for Everyday Life

Our commitment is simple: We want to make supporting your child's speech and language development effective and enjoyable. We don't believe in complicated strategies; we believe in evidence-based ones. These strategies are designed to be easily learned and incorporated into your daily life, because we understand that life is busy. 

Our Promise to You

At House of Speech, we promise to empower you with knowledge and confidence. We are dedicated to providing you with evidence-based strategies that seamlessly integrate into your daily routines. It's about making the journey not just effective but also enjoyable.

Unlocking Potential Together

The journey of nurturing a child's speech and language skills is not just rewarding; it's transformative. Together, at House of Speech, we're committed to being your guiding light on this journey. Our goal? To unlock your child's full potential and ensure that their unique voice is heard in the world.

Thank you for considering House of Speech as your partner in your child's speech and language journey. It's a privilege to embark on this transformative journey with you.


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